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Functions & Responsibilities

Functions & Responsibilities
Office name Introduction
Administrative Division Oversees duty planning, manpower allocation, police uniforms, in-house policies and the crackdown on vice crimes.
Public Order Division Oversees defense planning processing, outdoor assembly processing, demonstration and parade control, and civil defense manpower training.
Training Division Oversees the education, training and psychological counseling of police officers.
Foreign Affairs Division 1.Protecting special foreign guests,brides,labors and immigrants from foreign countries and Mainland China.
2.Investigating crime involving persons from foreign countries and Mainland China.
3.Dealing with illegal immigrants (stowaway) or workers from foreign countries and Mainland China.
Logistics Division Oversees the maintenance of police equipment, weaponry, the constructions of office buildings, and any other business related to logistics division.
Public Security Division Oversees intelligence protection, permeation prevention, security defense and security education.
Crime Prevention Division Oversees planning and supervision of census visiting.
Forensic Science Division Evidence examination and collection.
Command and Control Center Oversees the 110 emergency calls and the command, deploy, and control of liaison affairs.
Internal Affairs Division Oversees duty supervision, evaluation, discipline and special security services.
Public Relations Division Oversees public service issues and is the liaison between the public and government.
Secretariat Oversees the management of documents, files, research, seals, treasury, civil services, and jurisdiction.
Information Management Division Oversees planning, training, management, and maintenance of computers and other information systems.
Legal Affairs Division 1. Explanation and consultation regarding rules and regulations concerning police affairs
2. Appeal affairs.
Criminal Investigation Corps Manages crime investigation and prevention.
Special Police Brigade Manages public security affairs.
Traffic Police Brigade Manages traffic safety and security affairs.
Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade Manages juvenile delinquency investigation and prevention.
Women and Children Protection Brigade Domestic violence prevention, Women and Children Protection.
Civil Defense Operations Center Oversees the communication and control of civil defense affairs.
Personnel Office Oversees personnel management affairs.
Civil Service Ethics Office 1.Managing civil service ethics affairs
2.Civil service ethics planning and training
Accounting Office Oversees budgets, accounts and statistic affairs.