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Who do I call if I require immediate emergency attention?
If you require immediate emergency attention, call “110”. It is the emergency-response hotline in Taiwan, and will connect you to the Fire, Police, and Ambulance. Or, you can call the Fire, Police, and other hotlines as follows:...<More>
What is domestic violence?
Domestic violence refers to violent abuse and harmful behavior between family members, including partners (such as spouses, ex-spouses, cohabiters, boyfriends and girlfriends, partners of the same sex), sons, brothers, all blood relatives e...<More>
Where can I have my Visa extension and services about my ARC?
From 2007 all the services about Visa and ARC jobs have been transferred to National Immigration Agency. Please link the NIA website for further information:<More>
What is 「Human Trafficking Prevention Act」?
「Human Trafficking Prevention Act」 is enacted to prevent human trafficking, and safeguard victim’s rights. This Act was effective on June 1, 2009.<More>
Where to get the application form for「Police Criminal Record Certificate 」?
The applicants can get the application form at:  Information counters of Foreign Affairs Section, Yunlin County Police Bureau.  Information counters of six police precincts, Yunlin County Police Bureau.  Official website...<More>